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The added value of linking Digitalis software

Digitalis provides platforms for knowledge management in which health care institutions are able to shape their medicinal patient care and use tools such as Prescriptor and Clinical Rules to bring this to care providers in the field. The patient file always remains in the hands of the care provider.

Knowledge suppliers are able to centrally set up health care guidelines and recommendations for patients or specific patient populations using their own formulary (therapy agreements) or Clinical Rules protocols. Prescriptor and Clinical Rules provide access to the guidelines for individual patient care and proactively present the treatment options to care providers in the field within the context of the patient. Knowledge suppliers are usually committees consisting of care providers from different disciplines at a national level. But they can also operate at a local level: a PTC group of physicians and pharmacists who convert national guidelines into local policies. This way, PTC agreements can be implemented directly.

It is possible to record one's own formulary or therapy agreement. Within a guideline, various patient characteristics can be defined that may control policies. An example is the difference in policies for cardiovascular risk management in diabetes or COPD patients.

When a prescriber uses Prescriptor to consult the cardiovascular risk management guideline, Prescriptor will automatically direct the prescriber to the guideline for an optimal recommendation for medication selection. At prescription level, Prescriptor also indicates any interactions or contraindications that the prescriber may expect.
Clinical Rules goes a step further and advises the care provider on simple or more complex guidelines. Here too, knowledge suppliers play a role in the emergence of new ideas, by centrally managing the Clinical Rules or decision rules. Clinical Rules applies this information within the context of the patient profile.

Clinical Rules can be integrated directly in a care information system, but Clinical Rules is also integrated in Prescriptor. This allows Clinical Rules to advise on the formulary guideline, the application of therapy agreements, and thus refine the medication prescription for the patient. This may, for example, concern the dosage of an antibiotic in relation to the quality of the renal function.

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