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The essence of Digitalis

Knowledge Management

Digitalis supports knowledge management within the framework of the optimisation of medication usage. This involves a chain of processes, in which knowledge is collected, developed, shared, applied and adjusted on the basis of experiences. Online, using smart tools and networks. Want to know more?

To knowledge management


The knowledge- and discipline-specific application of IT, aimed at pharmacotherapy, deserves an interdisciplinary approach and enriches the cooperation between physicians and pharmacists.

Therapy policies

Translating guidelines and formularies to the shop floor, implementation in daily practice, made as ink for the prescriber's electronic pen (EPS). Increasing the effectiveness and safety of pharmacotherapy as an integral part of individual patient care.

Decision support

Decision support has become a valued component of health care IT. Its integration in patient files is the final piece of this type of knowledge navigation in medical practice. Not only the therapeutic options are important, the patient's current context also plays a part.

Medication safety

Medication usage is increasing sharply, and with that also the associated risks. At the same time, the volume and speed of the exchange of health care information are expanding. Solution is an intelligent approach to medication safety: no suggestive alerts, but relevant, specific and concrete advice.


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21 December '17
A Healthy & Happy 2018!

Digitalis wenst u een gezond & gelukkig 2018!

26 November '17
Zuid-Limburgse keten beveiligt medicatieoverdracht

Van alle ziekenhuisopnames zijn er circa 41.000 per jaar (2,4%) gerelateerd aan medicatie. Circa 19.000 van deze opnames zijn potentieel vermijdbaar. Artsen en apothekers in Zuid-Limburg startten een project om fouten in medicatieoverdracht in de keten tegen de gaan. Vier betrokkenen leggen in Medisch Contact uit waarom het succesvol is.